“The financial analysis of the many documents collected was unbiased and professional as it sought to resolve not only our current state of affairs, but also provided much needed financial options for us both to consider. Joyce’s involvement with both of our lawyers was well balanced and professional, one that gave both myself and my ex-partner great confidence on the road ahead. She presented the analysis and related synopsis with precision and in a form that was clear and well understood. I was able to retain my newly renovated house, which was very important to me and my children, as I had done a considerable amount of work on it with my own hands. The ability to retain the house was fostered by her expertise in financial matters, together with her participation with a mortgage agent to provide me with sound options to consider. I’m very grateful for all her hard work, I wish you continued success and would recommend you to any of my colleagues and friends.” ~ S.J.

“Joyce immediately made me feel relieved and confident that my financial interests would be properly presented and protected. Joyce prepared a number of projections that allowed me to see the short-term and long-term ramifications of different settlement options throughout the process. A professional pension valuation along with the projections presented a visual and detailed analysis of the facts and each scenario, and allowed a fair and equitable settlement to be reached. Joyce respected and supported me in making my decisions and just as important she was forthright and honest. Joyce provided a listening ear, encouragement, knowledge, strategies and advice on all the aspects I would need to move forward confidently and in control of my own future. I would not be where I am today if I had not had Joyce’s valuable guidance. She is smart, informed, conscientious, realistic, trustworthy and dedicated and is exactly what you need. I recommend her highly.” ~ L.B.

“Joyce was a tremendous help to me and my ex-husband as we sorted through complex conversations regarding our financial separation. She was thorough, measured, knowledgeable and fair in her approach and made us both feel secure in our decision-making as we moved forward. I am very thankful that she was part of the team of professionals who helped us make this difficult transition.” ~ Anonymous


“I moved my investment funds into Joyce’s capable hands from a financial institution with limited options and opportunities for financial success. Joyce has taken the time to get to know me and my financial needs with regular contact and reviews of my portfolio. Over the last decade, we have worked together to build a solid financial foundation that will meet my personal long-term investment goals. Joyce is knowledgeable and professional and her comprehensive financial planning strategies have significantly improved my financial position through economic ups and downs and many career and life events. I count Joyce and the whole team…among my most valuable assets.” ~ L.B.

“Joyce has managed my financial planning with a competent hand for the past fourteen years. She listens to my concerns, explains complex issues and makes recommendations. As I move into my retirement years, I feel confident that the investments she has made on my behalf will give me a secure income to enjoy the things I want to do.” ~D.P.

Many people have reached out to Joyce for her knowledge, advice and compassion. You don’t have to go through this alone. Contact Joyce to see how she can help you.

Joyce Owen